In order to raise awareness in the community about field hockey the Surinder Lions field hockey club started an annual tournament. The Surinder Lions men’s team at the time went to an international tournament in California every year. Inspired by this tournament, they strived to start their own tournament but in the lower mainland. The first year of the tournament, 2008, we invited the Californian team whose tournament we went to along with other club teams from California and from the lower mainland.

Although we were not the first field hockey tournament, we were one of the first to invite international competition. This tournament started off as a self funded project with a weekend attendance of around 1000 people. As the years went by our tournament grew both in attendance and teams participating. Currently we have teams from all over Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and North America participates in our tournament along with many international superstars. Our tournament is now run by generous sponsors and garners a weekend attendance of almost 10,000 people.

The main purpose of this tournament was to raise awareness in the community about field hockey as many parents enrolled their kids in soccer without knowing that field hockey was a second option. The amount of children playing field hockey along with government funding for field hockey has increased and now a third turf is being built in the Tamanawis school grounds.

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